when you try to avoid the f word

Well, fuck. (what is in a word that is meant to be an exclamation but also, not as offensive if not attached to any (human) subject?)

There is this stage where you try to make your blog into a version of yourself that you never could present because it was either not aesthetically possible, but also because blogs are supposed to inanimate objects for us to manipulate into an extensive and unnecessary self-absorbed movie on the individual thoughts (me). And if I’m feeling generous, maybe on some other thoughts by some other people.

I digress. This has been something I’ve been wanting to establish for a long time, but because of its supposedly dangerous and (negative) connotations, I have tried to replace the f word with “equality”, “equity”, maybe mixing in a bit of the phrase “all genders” and even “intersectional” just to be more explicit, yet it never really hit the mark.

So here is the product of years of procrastination, of renaming, of purposeful ambiguity, which I realise was just as useless as getting your insides squirmed from Internet trolls commenting on no factual basis, blinded by their privilege.

Below is a link of one of my favourite feminist youtubers, Marina, she’s very deadpan, very authentic and also shamelessly human in sharing her own opinions on issues, news, entertainment… which I might someday strive to a percent of that steadfast intellectual esteem. That is, if I make it through the next post. Or finish a diary – because those things are not meant to be used because there is just, so much, more paper to, waste on new notebooks.


Why I Don’t Use the Dictionary Definition of Feminism | Feminist Fridays

Also I’ll be trying to illustrate certain things instead of relying on tumblr images just because I imagine what might happen if someone ripped off the exact phrasing of my own writing and claim it without any footnote of my existence. So, I try not to be hypocritical here. Believe me, we’re all trying.


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